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Lean Six Sigma has been one of the main methods worldwide for improving organizations and processes as it is well-known for its sustainability and demonstrated results. The reason for its continuous use lies in how it allows organizations to get tangible results while requiring less effort and improvement. American companies recognized its utility to the point of getting employees trained in many situations. We know best about this as our company, Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Amarillo High School Students of Texas, offers training and certificates.

Suppose you are a company, business, student, or professional interested in the methodology. In that case, it is important to focus on the customer’s priorities when learning Six Sigma and how you can achieve the best results with little effort. Also, be aware that continuous improvement is a must when working with Sigma.

This approach is popular and valuable among colleges and universities when high school students submit applications as its inculcation provides the practice aspect students are often unable to learn during their years.

Businesses look at it in a positive way and do their best to get individuals with a certification in it. After all, it reduces costs, improves customer satisfaction, shortens lead time times, and increases opportunities. However, it also teaches the individual in training to be more diligent, and work towards improvement, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, making it a win-win for both the person and the institution or organization.

High school students can benefit from our training if they want to increase their chances of finding college options and have more work opportunities.

First, we want students and business professionals to apply for our Lean Six Sigma training. Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two methodologies: Six Sigma and Lean. 

Lean is about increasing flow and creating value. Six Sigma is committed to ensuring that Six Sigma processes are stable and efficient. They can complement each other and be combined, as shown in the final result with LSS.

How does this approach help students? They add value to themselves and offer something new for future employers. Keep in mind the methodology won’t apply itself to a business or any real-life situation without someone trained properly.

Now, before you make the decision to work around learning it, let’s focus on the basic information to learn.

What Is Lean? – First Base Methodology for LSS

We must look back at history to understand the methodology. Toyota invented Lean manufacturing in the late 1940s to reduce non-value-adding activities.

The core values of Lean management include: Delivering from your customers’ perspective, eliminating workflow waste, and continuously improving processes and cycles. This concept suggests that employees should be involved in organizational change to foster a culture of excellence. 

Although it looks and feels simple, Lean has come a long way in terms of improvement and waste reduction since it enables companies and institutions to automate repetitive procedures and boost productivity and earnings.

Second Methodology: Six Sigma

On the other hand, Six Sigma is a process improvement method that dates back to the 1980s. Motorola used it to reduce variability in manufacturing processes and identify and reduce defects.

Six Sigma’s core values include:

  • Concentrate on quantifiable financial results.
  • Leadership and the support of management are key to success.
  • Data-based decisions are made based on statistical data, not assumptions.

This strategy uses the DMAIC structure that helps reduce waste and minimize steps to obtain the desired result or one even better. DMAIC stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

The principles and phases of Six Sigma are combined with Lean’s ones and get all the Lean Six Sigma phases plus core values we, as the ones learning it, one.

Lean Six Sigma Phases: Following the DMAIC

In the case of the phases, LSS does not adopt a different structure from Six Sigma. Instead, it follows the same one, but some include the Lean principles in the whole process.

Thus, we keep the DMAIC which we breakdown right below:

Lean Six Sigma Phases-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Amarillo
  1. Define your problem from both a business and customer perspective. You will need to answer these questions: What is your customer’s critical quality expectation? What problem is being identified by stakeholders? It is therefore important to define the problem clearly from both a business and broader perspective.
  2. Measure the present performance and answer the question: Does it comply with the quality expectations identified in the previous phase? Every step of your flow should be identified by the stage and matched to the quality criteria. 
  3. Analyze – Use all data collected to determine the root cause of any problem that was identified in the initial phase. To pinpoint the root cause, you can then use Lean analytical tools such as Value Stream Mapping or Just-In-Time (JIT), Pan Do-Check-Act, and Six Sigma problem-solving techniques.
  4. Improve – Once the root cause has been identified and understood, it is possible to resolve the problem. It is important to work together in order to solve the problem. This will stop it from happening again. Data is essential to determine if the solution proposed adequately addresses the problem.
  5. Control your application. This phase will allow you to establish acceptable performance criteria and create a plan for correcting any deviations. This plan is essential to maintain your progress and prevent you from returning to your old ways.

Based on these phases and structures, it is evident that the method is applicable to businesses and companies. What does this mean for students in high school, college, and business professionals?

Put simply; they can learn LSS to adapt to the needs of any business or implement the structure and steps of LSS in their own projects and lives. It is a matter of working around its function and how it can allow companies and organizations from all industries to grow and improve performance.

Lean Six Sigma Benefits: Why You Should Inculcate It

To ensure you understand the benefits of LSS and how it can help students, we want to go over the two types or categories of benefits you can find: organizational and personal.

Although those benefits are often seen in the case of business professionals and companies who are worried about training their workers, students get the same if not more as they are being inculcated in their early stage of life:

  • Analytical thinking. People can become more analytical by simplifying complex issues into manageable tasks with the Six Sigma or Lean methods. This helps you identify the root causes and provides a clear view of what needs improvement.
  • People can be more productive by analyzing their performance, identifying root causes, and proposing solutions.
  • Project management skills. Lean Six Sigma managers need to communicate with all levels of the organization, from operations to strategy. This allows people to improve their project management skills as well as gain a better understanding of the business.
Leadership Excellence-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Amarillo

Individuals can learn all the skills necessary for leadership, collaboration, time management, decision-making, and more, regardless of their age in high school, college, or work for companies.

To keep it sure, LSS helps them to acquire tools that will help them in their other life stages: work, education, or entrepreneurship. The same applies to business professionals or college students, not only high school students.

LSS certifications can be useful for credits and personal growth as well. These certifications can open up new possibilities if you are looking for work or college.

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Amarillo offers certifications and training for all three stages of life: high school, college, and work. Let’s say you complete our yellow belt training, which focuses on the structure, terminology, and basics of LSS. You will add more value to your organizational skills and work towards improving your self-assuredness, which will make you an asset to colleges and companies when you apply.

Our second option for training or certification is the green belt. This opens up more possibilities, such as the possibility of becoming certified and trained at higher levels in the future. However, keep in mind that a yellow belt will be required to request this green training and certification.

Leadership Excellence with Lean Six Sigma

It is important to use a method that promotes growth and improvement. But for it to work well or even offer better results than imagined during the first time it is inculcated and introduced, we discovered that leadership excellence could help greatly.

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Amarillo will help you acquire these skills and make use of them in the future. We consider Leadership Excellence to be a crucial addition since it prepares you for leading roles in any industry or even for team projects in college and university.

Our training and course will give leaders more control and produce better results than traditional leadership methods.

These people can help you plan for the future of your company. When you study and learn how to manage yourself or your team, you may be more than a simple work for a business but rather an asset no one should miss.

It is possible to learn about the process and be assured that you will not be traumatized when applying for a job with a company. Leadership is an important factor that employers use to propel a business forward.

Innovation Consulting: Helping with Products, Services, and Ideas

Our consulting in innovation refers to the act of providing advice and guidance for companies and organizations looking for new growth strategies or business ones. We also welcome individuals looking for advice on their ideas and the best way to execute them.

Innovation is about creating value for customers and being on top of the game with the ideas you come up with. Although innovation consultants are most often associated with technology, they can unlock new business opportunities across any industry. 

We help companies develop and implement innovative strategies that will support their business goals, as well as individuals to give a hand in coming up with a new product or service to boost their current statuses.

Remember that our role in this area is independent of your industry and who you are.

Contact us for more information, and our consultants will help you meet your goals and needs. You can also ask for additional Lean Six Sigma certifications and training. We are available for individual or group needs as we are here to be the company changing your life if you are a student or professional.