LEAN SIX SIGMA HIGH SCHOOL-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Amarillo

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Amarillo High School Students

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LEAN SIX SIGMA HIGH SCHOOL-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Amarillo

Not many think about how Lean Six Sigma and its implementation in a high school can actually help the institution or the students. However, it has been proven over the years that the methodology works not only for manufacturing or usual industries but every single one as long as its implementation and inculcation are done correctly. At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Amarillo High School Students of Texas, we are experts in doing both as requested and needed.

In the case of students, LSS helps them with their personal growth by being more organized and disciplined. It also helps them learn valuable skills that will enable them to choose from many university careers and when applying for job positions.

Students can also use this knowledge to help them get their credits for graduation. It all depends on which level—or better known as a belt in LSS—they choose as one grants more credits than the other.

What we find important to remember in all this is that LSS works for students because it is beneficial for the person learning it, not the company or organization alone. The program’s implementation is solely focused on the person who can do it, and this means this person is highly qualified.

However, it isn’t only about students; it is also for educators and teachers who can find a benefit from this methodology as long as it is well-inculcated and the organization teaches them properly how to include it in their processes and educational system.

We Encourage High Schools to Include Lean Six Sigma

Our company offers Lean Six Sigma training to schools and individuals. We use the yellow and green belts as the main options, and the certifications issued from both training options will be recognized internationally. 

We want to make sure high school students, school boards, public school districts, and more include it in their processes, so everyone gets the chance for better opportunities. By the end, they will have the tools needed or act more as a stepping stone on the chosen path, whether it is work or college.

We believe that high schools and colleges should emphasize its inculcation. LSS is an improvement-driven approach that focuses students on improving themselves and learning new skills to aid them in their daily lives.

This will address the fact that students may not have the experience they need to apply the lessons and training they received during their school years. Because it can be hard to practice during this period, there are very few chances for them to be preferred over other applicants in a job or even college.

They can enjoy the following benefits:

  • More career options open for them regardless of the industry they want to be part of.
  • Earn credits toward graduation and college applications.
  • Higher salaries are possible for all jobs, as companies highly value LSS knowledge.
  • You’ll learn skills you can apply to your daily work tasks and personal projects.
  • Collaborative work and leadership.

Yellow Green Belt Training & Green Belt Training for Students

The belt/level of certification students choose and how they want to use it will determine what they learn. We can help students decide which option is right for them, as well as school boards and school superintendents, to include it in their programs, so they prepare their students properly. However, we need to set this straight: a yellow belt will always be needed to go to the next training, the green belt.

The information on Six Sigma is different for each belt since the role of the one getting certified later changes accordingly. At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Amarillo, we make sure to offer all options, so students are prepared for future career advancement. 

Yellow Belt Training & Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Amarillo

Although one belt is not required for each level, it is highly recommended that students use the standard levels in order to maximize the benefits and make the learning process easier.

A yellow belt covers essential topics, while a green belt covers more complex topics and tools. If you are interested in a green belt, a yellow one will be mandatory. However, we recommend that students begin with the yellow belt option regardless of being compulsory or not as it helps them establish the essential skills and knowledge of Sigma.

They will learn leadership and personal skills, be better prepared for the future, and have better social interactions and relationships.

Green belts can be useful in team-based situations because they allow you to work with other people in college or businesses while also allowing them to take part in large-scale workplace projects.

The outline for students covers all subjects and hours. Once the training is completed, students will be awarded their certification after passing our exam. This certification can be used to obtain future credits or help students apply for certain jobs. You can reap the same benefits regardless of how long it takes.

Contact our team to learn more about Lean Six Sigma options available for high school students or students who are interested in individual courses.